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Since moving to Calgary in 1973 my practice has evolved to encompass four discrete - yet interwoven – passions and specialties: counseling & clinical psychology with individuals and couples, forensic psychology with immigrants and refugees who have been victims of torture, persecution, and extreme adversity, research – most recently in cognitive neuroscience to explore responses to success and failure and address how persons can regain neural composure, and sport - largely with professional ice hockey and Canadian National Team athletes.

Google searches highlight only some of his work and media exposures with CBC TV and radio, Yahoo Sports, National Public Radio, the New York Times, Science Now and other outlets lend the false impression that my principal work is in neuroscience and sport. In full, however, I am a psychologist for one very simple reason: to help people, one by one, to be happy and healthy. All of my work in each of the four specialties has been to that end.

Selected Publications

Thalamo-Sensorimotor Functional Connectivity Correlates with World Ranking of Olympic, Elite, and High Performance Athletes
Huang, Davis, Wolff, & Northoff, in Neural Plasticity. 2017.

The temporal structure of resting-state brain activity in the medial prefrontal cortex predicts self-consciousness
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The Effects of Self-Focus On Affect and Vertical Jump Performance of NCAA Athletes
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Increase in Glutamate/Glutamine Concentration in the Medial Prefrontal Cortex During Mental Imagery: A Combined Functional MRS and fMRI Study
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Working With Elite Athletes
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The Prevalence of Failure-Based Depression Among Elite Athletes
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Issues in the Diagnosis of Psychopathological Disorders
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Refugee Reform: Expediency at the Cost of Fairness
Davis, H. & Sharma, R. (2012).
Submitted Op-Ed to The Globe and Mail.
"Refugee reform: Expediency at the cost of fairness"

Lolo’s No Choke
Time Magazine July 19, 2012 Sean Gregory on Lolo Jones Olympics _ TIME referencing Davis fMRI.com

Neural, Mood, and Endocrine Responses in Elite
Athletes Relative to Successful and Failed Performance Videos

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Salivary Cortisol and Mood Reductions in an
Olympic Athlete Using Cognitive Behavioral Methods

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fMRI BOLD Signal Changes in Elite Swimmers While
Viewing Videos of Personal Failure

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DOI 10.1007/s11682-007-9016-x

Training with the Video iPod
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Impact Magazine, March/April 2007

When Sports Becomes a Head Game - New York Times
Sunday NY Times by Benedict Carey. 2006 When Sports Becomes a Head Game - on Davis, Liotti, Mayberg fMRI

Psychometric item evaluations of the
Recovery-Stress Questionnaire for athletes

Davis, H., Orzeck, T., Keelan, P. (2006)
Psychometric item evaluations of the Recovery-Stress Questionnaire for athletes.
Psychology of Sport and Exercise, (2006), doi:10.1016/j.psychsport.2006.10.003

PTSD symptom changes in refugees
Davis, H., Davis, M., (2006)
PTSD symptom changes after immigration:
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Mood and Self-Regulation Changes in Underrecovery:
An Intervention Model

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Explanatory Style Among Elite
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