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Counseling and Clinical Psychology

Yielding clarification that it would be my passion to work in helping professions, in 1971-73 I assisted in uniting the social services resources of the city of Tampa, FL, the sociology internship program of Bethune-Cookman University, and a United Methodist church outreach program to develop and direct a secular, store-front, safe-place and drug abuse treatment centre. We focused predominantly on assisting heroin addicts within an urban renewal area. Following this, I moved to Canada where I was first a counselor in a broad-spectrum non-profit personal counseling program and later the program's director. Within this context I also co-founded a psychosocial resource program of the Southern Alberta Cancer Centre and I spearheaded employee assistance programming for Calgary corporations.

Probably most significantly, starting in 1973 and extending to the present, my primary professional activity for a period of nearly 40-years has been to assist thousands of adults and families with the problems of depression, anxiety, violence, substance abuse and virtually all situations that lead individuals to seek outpatient counseling.